Brand Development and Protection Services

We use the latest technology and expert analysts to identify brand misuse and provide a suitable solution.

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Identity is important for any product in today’s competitive marketplace. Our Brand Development and Protection Services team are experts in creating a lasting impression among customers and improving product sales and market share.
They monitor market trends, overseas advertising and marketing activities to ensure the right message is delivered for your products and services. We also protect the brand name in order to prevent online misuse.

They work closely as a team, including product developers, researchers, search engine marketing personnel and creative designers to make sure the company brand values and image are followed.

Brand Development and ID Protection Services

Brand Development & Marketing Strategy

Typical tasks include:

  • Researching consumer markets
  • Monitoring market trends and identifying areas to invest
  • Analysing profitability
  • Generating names for new and existing products and services
  • Creating packaging designs
  • Overseeing the production of TV adverts, newspaper and magazine advertisements, direct mail packs and email campaigns websites.
  • Overseeing exhibition stands at road-shows
  • Liaising with art designers, copywriters, media buyers and printers to check marketing copy
  • Supervising the sign off of marketing literature and campaigns
  • Ensuring all campaigns meet legal and compliance restrictions
  • Ensuring designs and campaign messages meet the company’s brand and regulatory guidelines.
  • Monitoring product distribution
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction is maintained through focus groups and market research.