Why you need CodifyMedia, a Manchester-based creative Agency for quality Content Marketing? Content Marketing concerns the strategic words that promote your website, business and marketing campaigns. At CodifyMedia Marketing Content encompasses much more than just the copy; layout, topic & keywords selection, the publishing strategy are also included. All of these factors add up to allow your target audience to find you, educate readers on your products and services and move them through the conversion funnel.


Optimising your Marketing Content with CodifyMedia

Great inbound marketing campaigns begin with great content. Writing great content for your site using good keywords that are relevant to your particular business is one of the most important aspects when improving your website’s SEO. Regularly changing the content of your pages will also help your search engine traffic grow. This content can be used to attract and convert potential customers, drawing people into your website, blog and other online spheres of influence. The language we use on your site and in your marketing offers is the thread that ties all your marketing channels together. It’s no secret: Content is important and it is up to you to continue optimising your marketing copy so we can keep getting more and more out of that all-important marketing investment.


How we Optimise Your Marketing content?

At CodifyMedia, when we think about optimising your marketing copy, we think beyond the word just the words on the page. For online content optimisation, we look not only at your copy but at your keyword strategy, topic selection, internal linking and SEO. We understand not only what we are writing, but also why we are writing it. We know how to write it, where to add links and sharing buttons and where to publish and promote it.