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Google has begun to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly

At CodifyMedia we design responsive websites to create a mobile-friendly experience for your customers by optimising and adapting your website and landing pages to all devices and screen sizes. We recognise the value and impact the surge towards mobile could have on your business potential. Don’t waste this opportunity – get in touch now to tap into this ever-growing resource.

Responsive mobile friendly web design

All-in-one Responsive Website Design

Our responsive websites are built on a fluid grid system that responds, scales, and adjust its size based on screen resolution and orientation. One Responsive Website Design (RWD) works seamlessly across all devices – desktop, tablets, and smartphones.

Optimising landing pages

Always Optimising

How do we optimise your landing page to increase conversions?
Conversion metrics are crucial to most businesses. We can help optimise your landing pages to ensure they are highly-relevant, targeted and useful to the end customer, therefore maximizing possible conversions. Here’s a checklist of things we may access to optimise your landing page for conversions.

> Does it pass the blink test?
In order to pass the blink test, a potential customer should know between 3-5 seconds after viewing your page, what it is that you offer, why you are offering it and why it holds value.
> Does your page have an attention-grabbing headline?
> Does it contain a relevant image?
> Is the copy clear and compelling?
> Does the page contain any distractions such as external navigation links or additional call-to-action which are negatively impacting your conversion rate?
> Is there a prominent form?
> Is there any social sharing options included?
> Do you have enough pages which cover all keywords?
According to our research, testing landing pages can generate up to 30-40% more leads for B2B sites, and 20-25% more leads for e-commerce sites.

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