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74% of people use Social Media when making a purchase. Make their decision quick and easy by using our Social Media Management Service to create an impeccable online presence.

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Since its emergence, Social Media has changed the way businesses operate on the online platform, as well as in-person. With the development of algorithms, businesses like yours can no longer rely on word of mouth or a well-crafted Facebook post for organic reach on Social Media.

Key platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat require constant and up-to-date management techniques to keep them running at a highly optimised level.

Social Media Management has become one of the most lucrative and important areas of business management, and CodifyMedia can help you navigate this minefield.

What we do:

Our Social Media Management service takes the weight off your back when it comes to running all of your social media accounts. Having your accounts run by us means that you can relay your business goals, and watch the magic happen.

We recognise that every brand is different, and therefore we can create bespoke management solutions specific to your business. This helps you to streamline your services, and only pay for what you’re using, helping us to formulate what areas of Social Media are best for you.

Social Media Paid Advertising can also be a really great way to get your business out there. You can use ads and promoted posts to access new audiences and drive traffic straight to your chosen goals.


Our team members can address any bugs or issues within a matter of minutes, and make sure that your Social Media accounts stay up to date and ready for customers 24/7. Every CodifyMedia client has access to our Helpdesk, where professionals are on standby ready to help you whenever you need us.

At CodifyMedia, we focus on driving the results that matter most to our clients. If you’re ready to start using Social Media Management to optimise your business, contact us below to discuss how we can get you set up.

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