Website Analytics

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Your visitors are the best people to tell you how to optimise your website. Optimising your website is easy with the right web analytics tools to pick up on what your visitors are trying to tell you.

At CodifyMedia, we know how to easily tackle website redesign. We analyse both quantitative and qualitative data about your visitors’ between-page and in-page experience using website analytics tools. Each one of your website visitors has their own unique reason for coming to the website. Therefore, in order to design and improve online usability for your visitors, it is essential to understand why they visit your website and the team at CodifyMedia will do this for you.

Website Analytics

Why Website Analytics?

Website Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for the purpose of understanding and optimising web usage. Amongst these quantitative metrics, one of the most important metrics is conversion rates. Whether you have an e-commerce site, a media outlet or a non-profit organisation, there will always be some sort of conversion goal on your site such as: downloading a white paper, signing up for a newsletter or contacting a salesperson.
Once you define what this desired conversion is and quantify what is going on within your site, you can then track changes over time and evaluate whether they have a positive or negative effect on your conversion rate.

Why In-Page Analytics and Behaviour Analytics ?

Why In-Page Analytics and Behaviour Analytics?

Website owners today need additional tools to reveal the in-page experience of their visitors. In-page analytics tools provide you with honest visitor feedback about each usability element within your web pages. Each time a visitor clicks, hovers, scrolls or hesitates with his mouse, he is communicating rich qualitative data about the text, images, links, banners, and ads, as well as their placement on your web pages. Given that there is an 84-88% correlation between eye and mouse movement, you can learn what content your visitors are looking at, what specific elements they are interacting with, and how far down on the page they scroll. The most effective analytics tools combine both between page and In-page solutions to answer the often overwhelming questions associated with website redesign:
Which pages need to be redesigned?
What specific page elements are problematic?
How should they be redesigned?

We analyse the answers to the following questions:

What causes visitors to abandon your conversion funnel?
Which behaviors lead to successful conversions?
Which webpage element hurt the conversion process?
Where visitors go when they leave the funnel?

By using both traditional and in-page analytics we test these small changes and fine-tune each page to achieve optimum results.